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......@@ -16,3 +16,12 @@ directly from git. The usage is something like this (inside .spec file):
To make it work, the included macro _must be appended_ to either `~/.rpmmacros` or
one of the site macro files (see `man rpmbuild`). (If rpmbuild ever handles a reasonable
method of extension or directory-based includes, that requirement will change.)
For public repositories, no additional effort is required, provided the URL works
(you can test with `curl` or `wget` or a web browser). For repositories that are private,
an access token is required. Set your token inside the environment variable `PRIVATE_TOKEN`
and that token will be passed along as an HTTP header `PRIVATE-TOKEN`, with a `-` instead of
`_` (underscore).
This has been tested with a gitlab-provided repository, running v3 of the API.
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