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2. Licensing
With regard to licensing and copyright please refer to the file LICENSE.TXT and NOTICE.TXT
With regard to licensing and copyright please refer to the file LICENSE and NOTICE.TXT
3. Contact information
# OpenOLAT
<a href=""><img src="src/main/webapp/static/images/openolat/openolat_logo_72.png" align="left" hspace="10" vspace="6"></a>
**OpenOLAT** is a web-based e-learning platform for teaching, learning, assessment and communication, an LMS, a learning management system. OpenOLAT impresses with its simple and intuitive operation.
A sophisticated modular toolkit provides course authors with a wide range of didactic possibilities. Each OpenOLAT installation can be individually extended, adapted to organizational needs, and integrated into existing IT infrastructures. The architecture is designed for minimal resource consumption, scalability and security in order to guarantee high system reliability.
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