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bib-name: Fix filename comparison

In case the new filename path is relative to the current working
directory, remove the preceding dot and slash before comparison.
Furthermore, bibtex files have a .pdf.bib suffix.
parent f93452af
......@@ -116,10 +116,15 @@ do
# Only keep allowed characters.
newpdfname=$(sed "s/[^$ALLOWED_CHARS]//g" <<< "$newpdfname")
# Add path prefix and file suffixes.
newbibname="$(dirname "$bibfile")/${newpdfname}.bib"
newbibname="$(dirname "$bibfile")/${newpdfname}.pdf.bib"
newpdfname="$(dirname "$bibfile")/${newpdfname}.pdf"
# Remove trailing »./« for stable filename comparison.
newbibname=$(sed 's:^\./::' <<< "$newbibname")
newpdfname=$(sed 's:^\./::' <<< "$newpdfname")
# Assure safe quoting.
......@@ -140,8 +145,8 @@ do
# Print rename command for bib file.
if [ "${bibfile}" != "${newbibname}" ] && [ ! -e "${newbibname}" ]
echo "rename '${qbibfile}' to '${qnewpdfname}.bib'"
test $DRYRUN -eq 1 || mv -i "${qbibfile}" "${qnewpdfname}.bib"
echo "rename '${qbibfile}' to '${qnewbibname}'"
test $DRYRUN -eq 1 || mv -i "${qbibfile}" "${qnewbibname}"
elif [ "${bibfile}" != "${newbibname}" ] && [ -e "${newbibname}" ]
echo "# WARNING: Do not move '${bibfile}' to existing '${newbibname}'." >/dev/stderr
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