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Add documentation and Makefile

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SCRIPTS = $(wildcard bin/*[^~])
STYLE ?= -t --stylesheet-dirs=$(ROOTSYS)/RootNimosScripts/etc
CLEAN = README.html $(addprefix master,.aux .log .fdb_latexmk .fls .nav .out .pdf .snm .toc .vrb)
@echo "Available targets:"
@echo "- install: install scripts to $(BINDIR)"
@echo "- uninstall: remove scripts from $(BINDIR)"
@echo "- doc: create README.html and master.pdf"
@echo "- info: print this information"
install: $(SCRIPTS)
install -m 755 $+ $(BINDIR)/
uninstall: | $(wildcard $(addprefix $(BINDIR)/,$(notdir $(SCRIPTS))))
$(if $|,rm -f $|)
doc: README.html master.pdf
master.pdf: master.tex $(wildcard figures/*.jpg)
latexmk $< && latexmk -c $<
$(if $(wildcard $(CLEAN)),$(RM) $(wildcard $(CLEAN)))
md_to_rst_to_html = pandoc -t rst $< | rst2html -t $(STYLE) - $@
%.html :
$(if $(shell which pandoc),$(if $(shell which rst2html),$(md_to_rst_to_html),\
$(info Please install 'python-docutils' to create html documentation.)))
.PHONY: all doc test install uninstall clean info
Command line tools for bibtex citations
- Generate file names and citation keys
- Format bibtex files
- Abbreviate journal names
- Insert links to pdf files for JabRef
- Manage multi record bibtex files
- Extract single records
- Output text citations for copy and paste
The html version of this file is created with `make` and
make doc
: Bjoern Bastian
: 2019-06-13
See documentation in [master.pdf](master.pdf).
Install scripts to `$HOME/bin`:
make install
Remove scripts from `$HOME/bin`:
make uninstall
$ bib-unite *.bib > all.bib
$ grep File all.bib
File = {:Mikosch_2006_PCCP.pdf:PDF},
File = {:Sun_2015_JPCL.pdf:PDF},
File = {:Vuitton_2009_PSS.pdf:PDF},
$ bib-separate all.bib
Write to Mikosch_2006_PCCP.pdf.bib
Write to Sun_2015_JPCL.pdf.bib
Write to Vuitton_2009_PSS.pdf.bib
$ bib-pdfinsert */*.bib
File = {:crossed_beams/Sun_2015_JPCL.pdf:PDF},
File = {:imaging/Mikosch_2006_PCCP.pdf:PDF},
File = {:titan/Vuitton_2009_PSS.pdf:PDF},
$ bib-unite */*.bib > all.bib
$ rm */*.bib
$ bib-jabbr -n Mikosch_2006_PCCP.pdf.bib
< Journal = {Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics},
> Journal = {Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys.},
$ bib-keyinsert file1.bib file2.bib -n -i
$ bib-keyinsert file1.bib file2.bib -n
=== changes for »file2.bib« ===
< @Article{schlemmer2002:jcp,
> @Article{Schlemmer2002:jcp,
$ bib-keyinsert file1.bib file2.bib -p
file1.bib: Schlemmer2002:jcp
file2.bib: schlemmer2002:jcp
$ bib-keyinsert file1.bib:a file2.bib:b
$ bib-name file1.bib file2.bib
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