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"""Contains loaders returning pandas DataFrames."""
import inspect
import pandas as pd
from dbispipeline.base import Loader
from dbispipeline.utils import LOGGER
class DataframeLoader(Loader):
"""A generic one-in-all solution."""
def __init__(self, df_path, features=None, targets=None, filters=None,
Loads the data from a file on disk.
df_path: the path to the dataset file. If the filename ends with
".pckl", a read_pickle is attempted. If it ends with ".csv",
a read_csv is attempted. Otherwise, an Error is raised.
features: Which columns the data part of the result should contain.
if this argument is falsy, all columns are returned.
targets: which columns should be returned as target.
if this argument is falsy, no target columns are returend.
filters: a list of functions that are called on the resulting
dataframe before it is split in data and target.
**extra_args: any extra arguments that are stored in the db-config
to help identify this generic instance.
self.features = features
self.targets = targets or []
self.df_path = df_path
self.filters = filters or []
self.extra_args = extra_args
def load(self):
"""Loads the data."""
if self.df_path.endswith('.pckl'):
df = pd.read_pickle(self.df_path)
elif self.df_path.endswith('.csv'):
df = pd.read_csv(self.df_path)
raise ValueError('unknown format for dataset: %s' % self.df_path)
if df.empty:
raise ValueError('loaded empty dataframe!')
for f in self.filters:
filtered_df = f(df)
if filtered_df.empty:'before filtering: %s', df)
raise ValueError('dataframe is empty after filtering with: '
df = filtered_df
if not self.features:
self.features = df.columns
return df[self.features], df[self.targets]
def configuration(self):
"""Returns a database representation of this loader."""
return dict(
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