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"* Code is partly taken from further sources, such as books.\n",
"* Sources are annotated (and acknowledged!) as follows:\n",
" * (CleaningData): Cleaning Data for Effective Data Science: Doing the other 80% of the work with Python, R, and command-line tools; David Mertz; Packt Publishing, 2021; [Github repo](\n",
" * (FeatureEng): Feature Engineering for Machine Learning; Alice Zheng and Amanda Casari; O'Reilly, 2018; [Github repo](\n",
" * (DSHandbook): Python Data Science Handbook; Jake VanderPlas; O'Reilly, 2016; [Github repo](\n",
"* Unless marked otherwise, code was written by Eva Zangerle.\n",
"* I deliberately mix different Python packages (e.g., for visualization matplotlib, pandas and seaborn) to showcase their use.\n",
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