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let's pray it works forgot what i changed anyway

parent 95279ef0
......@@ -37,4 +37,5 @@ IPList = {'SCOPE': '',
'SA2': '',
'XXF1': '', # Running on Windows machine
'NI6020': '' # Running on Windows machine
#'DA': '' #does not work with vxi, use socets instead
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
Created on Mon May 6 14:01:41 2019
@author: User
import vxi11
class dig_at_mc(vxi11.Instrument):
def __init__(self,ip=''):
super(dig_at_mc, self).__init__(ip)
def com(self, command, arg="?"):
"""Function to communicate with the device. Gives the current status
if no arg is given
command : str
Command/Query string for device
arg : str, int, float
Argument for command
if arg == "?":
return float(self.ask("{}?\n".format(command)))
return self.ask("{}?\n".format(command))
self.write("{} {}\n".format(command, arg))
return None
def reset(self):'*RST', '')
def connect(self,board_num=1):
\ No newline at end of file
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