Commit 7d644aa3 authored by Christian Schneider's avatar Christian Schneider
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Changed default plotting of data_grid to QuadMesh to support uneven spacing

parent 987d1c12
......@@ -256,10 +256,10 @@ class data_grid(data_module_base):
y_vals = self.df.dims[1]
y_vals = name_y
hv.opts({'Image': {'plot': {'width': width, 'height': height},
hv.opts({'QuadMesh': {'plot': {'width': width, 'height': height},
'style': {'cmap': cmap}}})
ds = hv.Dataset(self.df[self.x_min:self.x_max, self.y_min:self.y_max])
return hd.regrid(, [x_vals, y_vals]))
return hd.regrid(, [x_vals, y_vals]))
def pcolormesh(self):
"""Simple color plot without options. Quick and light"""
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