Commit 41c7da41 authored by Gerhard Kirchmair's avatar Gerhard Kirchmair
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bugfixes in data grid

parent b1b795fa
......@@ -315,14 +315,14 @@ class data_grid(data_module_base):
wrong, play with labelpad and cbar_y
# Get colormap from matplotlib
cmap =, levels)
#cmap =, levels)
# Just get select range
df = self.df[self.x_min:self.x_max, self.y_min:self.y_max]
# Plot
ax = plt.subplot(111)
im = df.plot.imshow(self.name_x, self.name_y, cmap=cmap,
im = df.plot.imshow(self.name_x, self.name_y, cmap=colormap,
add_colorbar=False, ax=ax, **kwargs)
# Customizing colorbar
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