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__version__ = '4.1.0' __version__ = '4.1.1'
""" """
Last Updates: see Gitlab for changelogs.
v4.0.4 - OSC:
- ANAPICO single channel can be set to a N MHz external ref by calling
reference('ext',N), this N value will be memorized and used as default the
next time the function reference() is called without arguments, until a
kernel restart.
v4.0.3 - OSC:
- ANAPICO output reference is enabled and set to 10 MHz as default when the
reference() function is called
- fixed a bug that didn't allow the use of a specific driver in the
Instruments.SG class
v4.0.2 - OSC:
- improved the frequency rounding for signal generators
v4.0.1 - OSC:
- added the function to measure segments in vna3 (E5080)
v4.0.0 - CHR:
- Changed init driver procedure
v3.3.0 - CHR:
- Added XXF
v3.2.2 - CHR:
- Bugfixes for database imports. Put them out again and added check in
check_db and update_db functions
v3.2.1 - Osc:
- corrected the database option in init function, bugfixes (everything
only fos CS and SG at the moment)
v3.2.0 - Christian:
- Moved imports inside classes
v3.1.4 - OSC:
- inserted a function that gets/sets the parameters dictionary for SMU units
(both Yokogawa and Keysight)
v3.1.3 - CHR
- added device label to saved datamodules to support Abschreibungen in
v3.1.2 - OSC - 25.05.2018:
- added more parameters to SG for EXG and MXG
- inserted a function that gets/sets the parameters dictionary
- inserted 30min connection timeout as a default for ANAPICOs
see Gitlab
v.3.1.0. Cleaned Instrument class
v.3.0.0. Support for new DataModule
v.2.0.0. Added Instrument Monitor
v.1.0.0. Initial commit
""" """
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