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# Docker PDF compiler
Docker image to compile our PDF files on
Docker image to compile our PDF projects on GitLab.
It can be accessed via GitLab [docker registry](
at .
## Howto use
The main application for this project is
to provide the docker image
which is able to compile a pdf file automatically on GitLab by a CI/CD job.
it is also useful to run this image on your local computer.
### CI/CD usage
You should activate the CI/CD function on GitLab.
To configure the automatic pdf compilation after a push,
a file named ".gitlab-ci.yml" needs to be in the root folder of the project
wit the following content:
- $foldername = '<path to paper>'
- $papername = '<name of paper>'
- cd $foldername/
- compile $papername.tex
- $foldername/$papername.pdf
You should adjust <path to paper> and <name of paper>
(actually name of tex file without ".tex").
### Commandline usage
To save time (and probably hard disk space),
you could use this docker image for pdf compilation on your computer.
For a complete compilation of an PDF file with references,
includes pdflatex twice, bibtext, and pdflatex again,
you need to type the following command in the corresponding folder (<path to paper>):
docker run -v `pwd`:`pwd` -w `pwd` --user=$UID --name compile_pdf --rm -it compile <name of paper>
For pdflatex/bibtex only, you replace compile with the desired command (here pdflatex):
docker run -v `pwd`:`pwd` -w `pwd` --user=$UID --name compile_pdf --rm -it pdflatex <name of paper>
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