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My Best Scripts
x => Converts the current time to Binary and displays it
x => Demonstrates Bubble-Sort graphically via 20 randomly generated numbers
x => User inputs Number-Range and Max Rounds. A random number within that range is generated and has to be guessed within the input roundmax.
x => Generates random passwords until 100 passwords are created that match specific criterias (longer 12; min. 1 uppercase, 1 number and a special character; starts with lowercase)
x => Generates a random poker-hand and shows it graphically. The user can reshuffle by inputing yes, y, j, or ja
x => Calculates the Remaining time till it is 1pm.
CURRENTHOUR="$(date +%H)"
CURRENTDAY="$(date +%w)"
if [ $CURRENTHOUR -gt "13" ]; then
echo "Hours until 1pm: $REMAININGTIME"
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