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reduce with combinators

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......@@ -120,21 +120,25 @@ churchNum _ = Nothing
isChurchNum t = churchNum t /= Nothing
beta :: Term -> Term
beta (App (Abs x t) u) = subst x u t
beta x = x
betastep :: Term -> Term
betastep (Var x) = Var x
betastep (Abs x t) = Abs x (betastep t)
betastep (App (Abs x e1) e2) = beta (App (Abs x e1) e2)
betastep (App (Abs x e1) e2) = subst x e2 e1
betastep (App I e1) = e1
betastep (App (App K e1) e2) = e1
betastep (App (App (App S e1) e2) e3) = (App (App e1 e3) (App e2 e3))
betastep (App e1 e2) =
let left = betastep e1 in
if left == e1 then App e1 (betastep e2)
else App left e2
betastep x = x
nf :: Term -> Term
nf term = if (betastep term) == term then term else nf (betastep term)
nf :: Term -> Int -> Term
nf term i =
let new = betastep term in
if i > 0 then
if new == term then term else nf new (i-1)
else new
-- data SKITerm = S | K | I | CA SKITerm SKITerm
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