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......@@ -83,7 +83,7 @@ Core idea behind *agile* software development.
Stay away from *scrum* and a like, it's probably a big scam.
Stay away from *scrum* and alike, it's probably a big scam.
......@@ -417,7 +417,7 @@ make # builds the project
make test # runs all unit tests
scripts/run_integration tests
......@@ -517,3 +517,110 @@ scripts/run_integration tests
- Test should now be successful
- Did I break anything?
- Commit your fix
# Collaborating
## Working in Teams
- Select a *project officer*
- A developer not a manager
- Someone with authority
- Maintains the big picture
- Can make decisions
- Who's decisions are respected by the team
Imagine an orchestra without its conductor.
- Don't be on the offensive (all the time)
- Be respectful of other people's code
- Ensure your code is working fine and is well tested
- Ensure your code is well documented
- Put assertions in place (defensive programming)
- Propose changes to other people's code via pull-requests
- Use scientific reasoning when arguing
- Accept their decision either way
- Consider doing code-reviews
- Improves the overall code-quality
- You learn a lot from it
- The code-base becomes more similar
## Joining a new Team
- Start by doing the tasks no one else wants to do
- This way you get accepted more easily by a group
- Show that you can pull your weight
- Show that you have something meaningful to contribute
- Don't step on other people's toes
- Understand the big picture
- Understand the modules
- Understand their interactions
- Add **useful** documentation to the code-base
- Sometimes tasks are marked as *good for beginners*
- Pick one up and try to solve it
- Ask the corresponding maintainers, but respect their time
Stick with people you feel comfortable with.
## Management vs. Developers
- Management
- Necessary to some extend
- Knows very little about technical stuff
- Mostly concerned with business decisions
- Developers
- Good technical knowledge
- Wants to build stuff
- Managers should not interfere with developer's work
- Keep meetings to a minimum and keep groups small
- Ensure developers have the resources they need
- Developers should not replace managers (if present)
- Managers typically have more to worry about than you think
- Respect manager's decisions
## Hierarchies
- Very similar to abstractions
- The higher you go, the more details get lost
- Remember, the devil is in the detail!
- Strive for shallow, hierarchies (2–3 layers often enough)
## Development Teams (Squads)
- Homogeneous vs. heterogenous
- Task / feature oriented
- Will touch many components of the code-base over time
- Work may conflict with other squads'
## Concept of Maintainers
- Associated with specific components (e.g. database)
- Squads coordinate with the corresponding maintainers
- Maintainers are regular developers
## Devops
Sounds good, doesn't work.
## Open Source Community
- Welcoming
- Developers highly occupied
- Better to submit code than just opening issues
- Talk about bigger changes / features beforehand
- Learn about their workflow before contributing
- Keep bug descriptions objective and detailed
- Respect their work and decisions
- Be thankful for their effort
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