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Start putting down requirements and part candidates

* Parts
** IMU
*** LSM9DS1 ~6€ -- 3D accelerometer, 3D gyroscope, 3D magnetometer
*** LSM9DS0 ~6-8€
smaller package than LSM9DS1 -> more expensive? can't see any other difference
*** FXOS8700CQ <2€ -- 6-Axis Sensor with Integrated Linear Accelerometer and Magnetometer
** µC
- Requirements
5x analog range sensors
2x PWM motors outputs (4? H-Bridge)
2x hal sensor inputs + timer (motor speed)
1x UART main COM to master control
1x USB device main COM
1x UART/SPI/TWI to (optional) CHIP board
1x DAC for servo
*** STM32F042K4 ~2.5€ -- Cortex-M0, 16K Flash, 48 MHz, USB FS
LQPF seems not to be in stock anywhere
UFQFN might be hard to solder but since we're going to reflow the board it
might not be a proble
*** STM32F030F4 ~1€ -- Cortex-M0, 16K Flash, 48 MHz
- Plenty of stock
- No USB
- 20-Pin TSSOP really easy to solder
*** STM32F070F6 ~1.5€ -- Cortex-M0, 32K Flash, 48 MHz, USB FS
- Not much stock
*** Atmel SAM series
- looks too expensive, couldn't find any for <5€
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