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## LSS Lynxmotion 4 DoF Arm
<img src="docs/arm_urdf.jpg" align="right" width="210" height="170">
<img src="docs/arm_urdf2.jpg" align="right" width="210" height="170">
- [x] Calibration with calibration tool
- [x] Driver: currently offical python drivers
- [x] Basic control from Nvidia Jetson (directly via a usb serial converter ``/dev/ttyUSB0``) - see the [scripts](lss_4dof_hw/scripts) folder
- [ ] Write ROS Controller
- [x] Create STL Files for URDF
- [x] Build URDF Model (v0.1)
- [ ] Write service calls for e.g. led color, settings for the LSS Servos...
- [ ] maybe switch to rust: using rust ros control (for the moment i think this is too experimental)
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