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# RVR Sphero
# Sphero RVR
## Sphero RVR
This ros modules contain an experimental ROS Node for the Sphero RVR.
The cpp version is based on Rud Merriam's "RVR CPP" (see sphero_rvr_hw/src/base_controller.cpp). The python(3) version is based on the official Sphero RVR Pyhton SDK (see sphero_rvr_hw/scripts/
Both version use /cmd_vel and publish to odom.
There is still no real ros_control package (the stubs are already there - see sphero_rvr_hw/src/sphero_rvr_*).
### Startup
## Startup
To run the python version:
- source ~/minibot/catkin_ws/devel.setup.bash
- start a roscore
- python3 ~/minibot/catkin_ws/src/sphero_rvr/spehro_rvr_hw/scripts/
- ``source ~/minibot/catkin_ws/devel.setup.bash``
- start a ``roscore``
- ``python3 ~/minibot/catkin_ws/src/sphero_rvr/spehro_rvr_hw/scripts/``
To run the cpp version
- source ~/minibot/catkin_ws/devel.setup.bash
- catkin build
- roslaunch sphero_rvr_hw rvr_ros.launch
- ``source ~/minibot/catkin_ws/devel.setup.bash``
- ``catkin build``
- ``roslaunch sphero_rvr_hw rvr_ros.launch``
To load the urdf (depending on what you want to do)
- ``source ~/minibot/catkin_ws/devel.setup.bash``
- ``roslaunch sphero_rvr_descritipon display.launch`` or
- ``roslaunch sphero_rvr_descritipon sphero_rvr.launch``
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