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......@@ -34,3 +34,23 @@ There is still no real ros_control package (the stubs are already there - see sp
- odom is updated by both the c++ and the python version
## More Information:
<img src="docs/sphero_rvr_urdf2.jpg" align="right" width="210" height="140">
<img src="docs/sphero_rvr_urdf.jpg" align="right" width="210" height="140">
- [x] This repository is build upon: and the free Sphero RVR CPP library from
- [x] Basic control from Nvidia Jetson (directly via ``/dev/ttyTHS1``)
- [x] Basic ROS Control (actually no one till now wrote a real ROS Controller)
- [x] Python Version of Basic ROS Controller (rosrun sphero_rvr_hw
- [x] C++ Version of Basic ROS Controller (roslaunch sphero_rvr_hw rvr_ros.launch)
- [x] C++ Version ROS Controller (Build upon URDF; Velocity Control)
- [ ] Still an Issue with library> sensors_s.locator() for odometry does not stream data.
- [ ] There is no way to get the motor currentor motor velocity from the SPhero RVR - so the classical ROS Controller read part is not working
- [x] Build URDF Model (v0.1)
- [ ] Extend rvr_ros to publish all sensor data
- [ ] Write ros service calls to set e.g. led colors
- [x] ROS Noetic does not provide ros-noetic-serial - this is build from (Note: this is not the rosserial library)
- [ ] At a later stage we might have a look at the ROS2 implementation from lomori:
**Note:** To build rvr-cpp you need at least gcc version 9.
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