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......@@ -4,29 +4,25 @@ These things are already incooperated into the ansible scripts for generating th
## To get UART Up and running:
# disable console on uart
- Disable console on uart (
sudo systemctl stop nvgetty
sudo systemctl disable nvgetty.service
sudo udevadm trigger
- UART Nvidia Jetson demo (
# to use more uarts we might have to recompile dtsi
# see :
## to use more uarts we might have to recompile dtsi
This did not work for me.
### maybe have a look at:
# Power Delivery for the LSS Arm with ZY PDE
To enter programming mode: With the device unplugged, press and hold the button while plugging in. When you do this, the LED will rapidly flash colors to indicate that you’re in programming mode. Once you let go, the LED will go Red, and 5V will be present on the output. Click the button to pick your preferred fixed mode. While you select, output will remain at 5V. Click repeatedly to select mode:
Red: Selectable mode, 5V present
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