Commit 8b5b34b0 authored by Frontull Samuel's avatar Frontull Samuel
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fixed default names

parent 0852ae9f
......@@ -94,9 +94,9 @@ let rec default_names_r term pos =
| LVar v -> LVar v
| LLam (l, v, t) ->
let vf = "x_" ^ pos in
LLam (l, vf, default_names_r (rename_fv t v vf) (pos ^ "0"))
LLam (l, vf, default_names_r (rename_fv t v vf) (pos ^ _LAM))
| LApp (e1, e2) ->
LApp (default_names_r e1 (pos ^ "0"), default_names_r e2 (pos ^ _APP_L))
LApp (default_names_r e1 (pos ^ _APP_L), default_names_r e2 (pos ^ _APP_R))
let default_names term = default_names_r term _ROOT
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