Commit 0852ae9f authored by Frontull Samuel's avatar Frontull Samuel
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cleanup and constants for positions

parent 28be4c67
......@@ -12,24 +12,4 @@ let () =
try str_to_term (Sys.argv.(1) ^ "\n") with _ -> failwith "Syntax error"
let lterm = Core.term_to_l_term term in
(* Printf.printf "redex @ %s\n" (Core.weak_redexpos lterm); *)
let tterm = Core.l_term_to_trsterm lterm in
Printf.printf "\n----------------------\n%s\n" (Core.trs_term_to_string tterm);
(* Printf.printf "%s\n"
(Core.l_term_to_string (Core.components_lterm "_" lterm)); *)
(* let trs = Core.l_term_to_trs lterm in
Printf.printf "%s\n" (Core.trs_to_string trs);
let trsterm = Core.l_term_to_trsterm lterm in
Printf.printf "\n----------------------\n%s\n" (Core.trs_term_to_string_nopos trsterm); *)
(* let trs' = Core.rstep trs in
Printf.printf "%s\n" (Core._term_to_string term);
(* Printf.printf "redex @ %s\n" (Core.weak_redexpos lterm); *)
Printf.printf "===================\n\n"; *)
(* Printf.printf "A: %s\n" (Core.trs_term_to_string tterm); *)
(* Printf.printf "redex @ %s\n" (Core.redexpos tterm);
Printf.printf "---------------------------------\n%s\n\n"
(Core.rules_to_string (Core.rules lterm));
Printf.printf "%s\n" (Core.trs_term_to_string (Core.trs_term trs'));
Printf.printf "%s\n"
(Core._term_to_string (Core.l_term_to_term (Core.trs_to_term trs'))); *)
Core.print_simulation lterm
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