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## Introduction
Most web sites need some kind of "maintenance mode", to allow sysadmins and ops to make changes to the underlying system, changes which would interfere with the normal operation of the web server, or changes which would be interfered with by web users. Such a maintenance mode should ideally allow select users access to the site, for instance for acceptance testing or an administrative interface. With Apache and mod_rewrite, one can elegantly create a configuration to allow a "maintenance mode" based on the existence of a file, and further restrict access to users based on the IP address.
## Requirements
* Minimal impact during normal operation
* Allow an operator/admin to enter a maintenance mode immediately without restarting the server. ("graceful" restarts can sometime means a longer waiting period)
* During maintenance, web users are shown a custom 503 error page.
* A back-door to allow admins and other privileged users to bypass the maintenance mode and browse as normal.
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