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changes in footer (removed links)

parent b50e9266
......@@ -78,17 +78,19 @@ if (K_LANGUAGE_SELECTOR AND (stristr($_SERVER['SCRIPT_NAME'], 'tce_test_execute.
echo '<div class="minibutton" dir="ltr">';
echo '<span class="copyright"><a href="">TCExam</a> ver. '.K_TCEXAM_VERSION.' - Copyright &copy; 2004-2014 Nicola Asuni - <a href=""> LTD</a></span>';
echo '<span class="copyright">TCExam ver. '.K_TCEXAM_VERSION.' - Copyright &copy; 2004-2014 Nicola Asuni - LTD</span>';
echo '</div>'.K_NEWLINE;
// Display W3C logos
echo '<div class="minibutton" dir="ltr">'.K_NEWLINE;
echo '<a href="'.K_PATH_HOST.$_SERVER['SCRIPT_NAME'].'" class="minibutton" title="This Page Is Valid XHTML 1.0 Strict!">W3C <span>XHTML 1.0</span></a> <span style="color:white;">|</span>'.K_NEWLINE;
echo '<a href="" class="minibutton" title="This document validates as CSS!">W3C <span>CSS 2.0</span></a> <span style="color:white;">|</span>'.K_NEWLINE;
echo '<a href="" class="minibutton" title="Explanation of Level Triple-A Conformance">W3C <span>WAI-AAA</span></a>'.K_NEWLINE;
echo '</div>'.K_NEWLINE;
echo '<div class="minibutton" dir="ltr">'.K_NEWLINE;
echo '<span class="copyright">adapted 2014-2015 for University of Innsbruck by ZID - Department for New Media and Learning Technologies</span>';
echo '</div>'.K_NEWLINE;
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