Commit 72a4ee75 authored by User expired's avatar User expired
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changed userbar to prevent it from appearing in start page of exam

parent 87aeb0dd
......@@ -50,7 +50,7 @@ if ($_SESSION['session_user_level'] > 0) {
echo '</div>'.K_NEWLINE;
// language selector
if (K_LANGUAGE_SELECTOR AND (stristr($_SERVER['SCRIPT_NAME'], 'tce_test_execute.php') === FALSE)) {
if (K_LANGUAGE_SELECTOR AND (stristr($_SERVER['SCRIPT_NAME'], 'tce_test_execute.php') === FALSE) AND stristr($_SERVER['SCRIPT_NAME'], 'tce_test_start.php') === FALSE) {
echo '<div class="minibutton" dir="ltr">'.K_NEWLINE;
echo '<span class="langselector" title="change language">'.K_NEWLINE;
$lang_array = unserialize(K_AVAILABLE_LANGUAGES);
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