Commit c83dc4ea authored by Umherirrender's avatar Umherirrender
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Remove duplicate message key from en.json

Change-Id: Ieb49d6761b88246d227a0696171f661eb3a05e87
parent a09b3169
......@@ -8,7 +8,6 @@
"pluggableauth-not-authorized": "{{GENDER:$1|User}} $1 not authorized.",
"pluggableauth-authentication-failure": "User cannot be authenticated.",
"pluggableauth-authentication-workflow-failure": "Authentication workflow failure.",
"pluggableauth-authentication-failure": "Authentication or authorization failure.",
"pluggableauth-loginbutton-label": "Log in with PluggableAuth",
"pluggableauth-loginbutton-help": "Authenticates you with PluggableAuth"
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